Monday, December 22, 2008

Please---Wish me something!

Well, this is the very first posting on this particular blog of mine. Let's see how this goes. I want to wish all my fellow Jews a Happy Chanukah--and to all the rest of ya: Merry Christmas.

You know...I don't mind being wished a Merry Christmas. Not at all. But this year, not a soul has wished me ANYTHING! (in the stores, I mean) It's bizarre. Not even a "Happy Holidays". I don't wear a visible Star of David, there is nothing about me that screams out: "I'm a Jew." Even today, the customer in front of me in our local Ralphs market got wished a "Merry Christmas" by the clerk but I got wished nothin'. Perhaps I should start saying it first. I don't know.

Last week, I was traveling on the Metro Red Line and a woman started praying very loudly for my soul behind me. I got off the train and she followed me, telling me I needed to accept Jesus. I replied: "Thank you." and walked faster, but she kept following me till she eventually gave up. Like I said, there is nothing about me that suggests that I am not a Christian.

So please! Wish me something!


The Shy Girl